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PallMall Cigarettes

By Mary John


Pallmall is the leading branded cigarettes produced by R.J.Reynolds Tobacco Company. Also British American Tobacco have producing this product. At first, Pall mall was introduced in the year of 1899 by the company called Butler & Butler Company in United Kingdom. Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation, a leading American Tobacco company have started to produce Pallmall cigarettes by the year 1994. Later Brown & Williamson combined their company with leading tobacco firm, R.J.Reynolds Tobacco Company by the year 2004.

PallMall Cigarettes USA Canada

Some of the major brands of Pallmall are

1. Pall Mall Red
2. Pall Mall Blue
3. Pall Mall Orange
4. Pall Mall Menthol
5. Pall Mall Black Menthol
6. Pall Mall White Menthol
7. Pall Mall Deep Set Recessed Filter
8. Pall Mall Deep Set Recessed Filter Menthol
9. Pall Mall Red old stale
10. Pall Mall Non-Filter
11. Pall Mall Gold 100's

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