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Kool Cigarettes

By Mary John


The Leading Tobacco Company "R.J.Reynolds" have introduced this kool cigarettes in 1933. They have first introduced this Kool Menthol branded cigarette. These cigarettes were first introduced as Unfiltered Cigarettes, later filter cigarettes have started to produce from 1960.

Kool Cigarettes USA Canada

Some of the major brands of Menthol Flavored Kool Cigarettes are

1. Kool Filter Kings (Full Flavor)(Kings) - Soft,Box
2. Kool Super Longs (Full Flavor)(100's) - Soft,Box
3. Kool Blue (Milds) - Kings and 100's - Box
4. Kool XL (Wides) Green (Full Flavor) - Kings - Box
5. Kool XL (Wides) Blue (Milds) - Kings - Box

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