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Buy Kent Silver Neo Cigarettes Online USA, Canada and Europe

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Kent Silver Neo

Kent Silver Neo cigarettes offer a smooth taste that is consistent and rich. This high quality cigarette offers a pleasant nicotine sensation without any artificial chemical tastes. Ideal for the weekend indulger or the smoking connoisseur, Kent Silver Neo cigarettes are characterized by their rich tobacco flavor. Purchasing 100-piece cartons of this well-known cigarette brand ensures that you will always have the perfect addition to a social gathering, whether it is a black-tie party or a casual barbeque.

Instantly recognizable by their crisp white packaging adorned with space-age silver geometric designs, Kent Silver Neo cigarettes are the answer if you are looking for a delicious, slow-burning, and calming solution to your smoking needs. These cigarettes feature 3-Tek technology, which means that each cigarette has a triple-charcoal filter, ensuring a smooth and luxurious taste. With 0.4 mg of nicotine in each stick, Silver Neos give you a light pleasant buzz that you expect from a premium brand, but without the chemical aftertaste present in other cigarettes.

Each carton contains 10 packs of 20 cigarettes
1 carton contains 200 cigarettes

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