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History of Cigarettes

By Mary John

Cigarettes smoking were started as rolling of tobacco in the paper and smoking it. After that, Washington Duke rolled the cigarettes and sold to people in 1865 at North Carolina.

History of Cigarettes

Later James Bonsack invented the first cigarette rolling machine that had a capacity of making 1000 cigarettes per day. The first biggest company of Cigarette production was started by James Bonsack named “American Tobacco Company”

Cigarettes were packed as packets in 19th century. Each packet contains 10 cigarettes. To attract the customers, companies started to design the packets well with company logos and cigarette cards. For getting good business, every company started various marketing strategies to making their company cigarettes popular.

Cigarette Industries have been developed very faster in 20th century. Various brands of cigarettes have come to the market. A Packet Cigarettes were sold out for 15 cents and more in the year of 1920. Right now, biggest companies have entered in making of cigarettes. Very largest and Well-known companies are R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company and Philip Morris.