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Buy Gauloises Brunes Non-Filtered Cigarettes Online USA, Europe and Canada

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Gauloises Brunes Non-Filtered

Gauloises Brunes Non-Filtered cigarettes have been the favorite choice of artists and writers alike for decades. These iconic cigarettes earned that notoriety with their strong, earthy taste and heady aroma. They are well packed with a darker, sweeter tobacco than is found in most of the cigarettes today. This expertly selected tobacco blend burns slowly and evenly, allowing the smoker a leisurely and pleasant smoking experience.

Recognizable by their shorter and wider roll, Gauloises Brunes Non-Filtered cigarettes are perfect in the morning with breakfast, in the evening after a long day or any time in between when you need to calm down. They are available in a carton that contains 200 total cigarettes. The ten iconic blue packs included in the carton come adorned with Gauloises' famous winged-helmet symbol. Gauloises Brunes Non-Filtered cigarettes have a warm, aromatic smoke that is smooth and pleasant. And these cigarettes don't leave the harsh aftertaste that is common in most other non-filtered cigarette brands. So for anyone looking for a full-flavored non-filtered cigarette these are the clear pick.

Each carton contains 10 packs of 20 cigarettes
1 carton contains 200 cigarettes

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