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Best Selling International Tobacco and Cigarettes

By Mary John

Best Selling International Cigarette

Philip Morris international is the American Tobacco and Cigarette Company. Nearly 200 products have been manufactured in this company. The headquarters of company have located in New York have located in United States of America. Philip Morris was founded in the year of 1900.

Some of the major products of Philip Morris are

1. Dji Sam Soe 234
2. L and M
3. Long beach
4. Marathon
5. Marlboro
6. Minak Djinggo
7. ST Dupont Paris
8. U Mild
9. Philip Morris
10. Red and White
11. Basic
12. Bond Street
13. Chesterfield
14. Parliament
15. Lark
16. Merit
17. Morven Gold
18. Muratti
19. Skjold
20. Multifilter
21. Virginia Slims
22. Benson & Hedges
23. Escort
24. John Player & Sons
25. Peter Stuyvesant

Best Selling Cigarette Sponsoring Sports

Philip Morris has been sponsoring some important games like Racing, Football, Badminton, Golf, Cricket and Ice Hockey. Some of the important tournaments include Football (Dji Sam Soe 234 sponsoring), Badminton (Thomas Cup and Uber Cup), Golf (Benson and Hedges International Open), Formula One Racing (Marlboro Sponsoring), Cricket (Bensen and Hedges Cup), Ice Hockey (Autumn Cup).