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By Mary John

Information about Beedi

Beedi is a type of Indian Cigarette. Beedi is filled with tobacco flake. Tobacco flake is made by pressing tobacco under maximum pressure for certain period in the form of cube. And these cubes are split in to flakes. Then this tobacco flakes are covered by Tendu. Diospyros melanoxylon is mostly grown in India and Srilanka, from the family of Ebenaceae. In India, It will call as Tendu, Kend, Karundhumbi, Beedi Aaku and Ebony. The Origin of Beedi is started in Gujarat during 17th century.

Nearly 3 million people are involved in producing Beedies in India. Also, Beedies are making by woman in their home as cottage industry or small scale business in India.

Image of Beedies

Information about Beedi

Making of Beedi in India

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